"The band now returns with “Ghostly Rock Season”, an exhilarating and satisfyingly slab of gothic music driven by a raw atmosphere."

“... Ghostly Rock Season” ist ein gelungenes Album aus einem Guss, das voller Emotionen steckt und der perfekte Soundtrack für trübe Tage ist – sei dies nun ein regnerischer Herbsttag oder die Melancholie Deiner Seele …" Orkus! Magazine


 October/November 2022
- New single "October Reverie" is available
on all platforms and the video clip produced
by Cécile Delpoïo is on Youtube

January/February 2022
- The song "Insanity" from the album
"Ghostly Rock Season" (2020) is on the compilation
of Bunker Magazine (Russia)

August/September 2022
-"Ghostly Rock Season" (released in 2020)
is finally available on all platforms


June/July 2022

- New video clip for "Zero Absolution" 
Article on Metal-Rules (Eng)

September/October 2021
-Interview with webzine Crimson Moon Zine (USA)

-New video clip for the song "Mina Harker"
Article on (Germany)

October/November 2020

- New video clip for "Forsaken Place"
Article on Terra Relicta (Eng)

September/October 2020
- Interview and review in Orkus! Magazine (Germany)

- The song "Insanity" in Orkus! Spotify Playlist

- New  video "Insanity"
Article on

- Review on
Ahasverus - Métaux en tous genres (France)

- Review on (Netherlands)

- New album "Ghostly Rock Season" available on Bandcamp

February 2019
The song "Injury and Sin" from next album appears on the
compilation "La Danse Macabre 5" of At Sea Compilations



          NEW SINGLE
  "October Reverie"

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